24 May 2019

You cannot trust the incorruptible

The men of steel
Of iron will
Those who are known to be
Rock solid

You know one
Or many
They are close to you
Pillars of the community
Or the go-to guy at the job
And they cannot be trusted

The incorruptible man
Is too sure of himself
In the way scientists are sure that
They have it all right
That there is no big guy up there
Looking down at us from his cloud

Who knows
Maybe there is
Always maintain a sliver of doubt to
Leave yourself open to any possibility
To expect the unexpected

The incorruptible man has
Years before made his bed
Locked into his highway
And built brick walls on either side
To avoid any possible diversion

While the rest of us
The best of us
Are riding a unicycle along the beach
Sharks on one side
The open road on the other
Following the sound of the circus.

11 Apr 2019

Day like a Russian novel

The grind of a thousand sharp and 
Miniscule voices
Are making getting through the day
Like getting through Tolstoy
Not that I have yet tried
Though nor am I really trying to get through the day
But rather hide
Kill time
Wish life

The drill has broken surface now
At mid-afternoon
And will quite soon take purchase in the skull
Then there’s no going back
It’s either run out or take the window
No third option
Even the air grinds against it all now
An increase in heavy elements

It’s the kind of day that has been
And will again come around
Wherein you want more than
To grab them by the shoulders and scream
In the most basic meaning of that question


What are you

22 Mar 2019


Get yourself a day
A week or month
A year if you can

When standing at
The cliff edge
Remember that the water can kill you
Or catch you

In the same way your fear
Is a fire that can
Cook your food or burn down your house

Use it correctly and do not forget
To breathe
I repeat this often

Everything you think to be right
Is right
There is no opinion to which you
Must concede

Base all your decisions on love
And power and belief in every
Single thing you have not yet accomplished

Tomorrow is not the following day
Or the next
Nor the one after that

Get what time you can
Scrimp and save for it
Con someone out of it
Grift for it
Maybe the horses will sing.