30 Aug 2018

All that happened today

The end of summer smells exactly like the

I have a nose for these things
Always have

A chemical released by
Those of us inclined to anxiety
Synthesising with incoming molecules

Creates a perfume that indicates
Autumns arrival

This event
Along with my brutal killing of a moth
Is all that has happened today.

4 Jul 2018

Bells ring

With freedom comes insanity
Alarms sound
Bells ring
The more acceleration the more
Chaos you generate

Glass breaks
Alarms sound
Bells ring
Voices scream like those
Riding rollercoasters

And people are lost from
Your side
Friends and others and the scum
And villainous
Lost from your side

The faster you go as then
You feel the sleek
Smooth nature of it all
The calm of your own self
All sound having fallen away

And though
Wonderfully alone
Your hands remain held
You heart and mind encapsulated
By your newfound sovereignty 

22 Jun 2018


Walking past the spot on the street where
The old guy died
Laying there after being hit
The car nowhere to be seen
I feel this small thing
Inching down my neck into my chest
I can’t recall which one it is
There are more and more
Old age shit
Summer pills, winter pills
Oils, lotions and

There used to be mornings
Get up
Brush teeth and get dressed and
Get the fuck out of the house
But as my temples fade to grey
More bottles
Things and bits are needed
Before key turns lock
It can all feel like needing a shield
Against the big bad outdoors
Oh I forgot the eye drops

The road there now has fresh white
Crossing lines painted down
And a new island in the middle
I guess someone has to die for
something good to be done around
He was laying there under
Somebody’s jacket
Ambulance on route but you could tell
He was already gone
8.30am so he didn’t get to wherever
He was headed

The pill finds its way down
I stop to buy a coffee to help it on the way.