9 Mar 2020

Fast forward

There is only rewind and pause
No play
No fast-forward
No consumption of page after page
Character built meals of meat and stock

There is the first page
When it was all to come
And the last
To be ripped out and shredded
Eaten to ensure no one ever discovers
The screaming hilarity of your tale

Now is a mist
A smoke
Now is a million miles an hour
And choking on the fumes of it
Now is an instant memory
In a head already overfull

Now is fury become silence
Because the world cannot allow

And tomorrow is expected
Predictable and easy
Then the thousand more tomorrows
Bring weight upon their sullen mornings
So you tense up and focus
Leaping with all your might, to the end

Unchanged from the start
Unevolved and making all the same
Hiding your journey from them all.

6 Dec 2019

My god, what happened

Were you not once great
Boastful and scarred with hubris
Did the world not revolve around
Your gold hearted presence

And women would sing
And drinks flowed
Cars crashed and
Nights fell

And inside there was a soul
Underneath the sounding fireworks
And hormonal chatter
A soul aiming straight and true

Were you not once waiting
And given up
And sodden with autumn rain
Orange leaves a portent of
Your secret shallows

But a little curse
Of an ordinary life
Has now killed all that

There are no mistakes in life
Some people say.

25 Nov 2019


In a moment of fleeting sanity
Caught between the door closing and
My opening it again
A pause
And as though a fervent prayer
Escaped me via sacred breath
I looked to the ceiling and simply exhaled

To nothing and no one
With no expectation of
Response or favour
And then it was gone
Like a bottle in the ocean that holds
A one word note

And I have to no avail
Spent the remainder of today
Trying to understand what it means.

11 Oct 2019


Such tenacity is required
To even tolerate
These single-celled creatures

It is our impotence
And not our pity
Or love for them
That prevents a massacre

The ability to withhold
To suppress and fossilise this
Of such abject stupidity

An unenviable skill
Allowing us to falsify our
True intentions

The further down you dig
The deeper into silence you go
Words becoming piss in the wind
It is only now action that counts

And like the Zen masters of old
If you are unable or unwilling
To act
Remain in sacred silence
Until the time to conquer arrives

Such tenacity is required
To even tolerate
These single-celled creatures
What tenacity

It is often too heavy a burden to bear.

2 Oct 2019

The chase

There are dogs on his tail
They are old and failing
But always

He need not run at
Full speed
But must keep

They never gain ground
But are within
Teeth clear with
Spit and blood
He must keep moving

They are old and failing
But still
They run him through town and
Across country road and dust track

Always the same
There is no sleep
No rest
But there are

His great idea is this -
To stay that little bit faster
Be not quite as old
Fail just a little less

But that’s not really living

Is it.