23 Apr 2015

King Kong

I always see him at the beginning
Not hanging
From the Empire State Building
Faye in his hand
Half struggling
Half waiting for it

I think of him first, in the jungle
Before they force him onto the crowd
Before the capture

Just doing his thing
Terrorising the locals
Even killing one or two
Out of necessity

Beauty did not kill the beast, motherfucker
In the end, he just didn’t fit into their
View of what the world is

And well - goddamn…

12 Apr 2015

New England

For some reason I have, in my mind
Lived there for so many years now

Amongst all the postcard clich├ęs
And mirror image fields
Birds and rivers
Small churches within towns
Others would only ever
Drive through

But to write it down
To record this second life
That would expose the falsehood
Remove the curtain to show me
Sitting at this screen
Looking out onto the growing garden of my
Real home
The blue sky so bright
Flat and unwelcoming
Keeping my heart indoors

The same New England sun
Shining on the white painted houses
Across the street here

Not too different
Maybe the details only
The birds
The sorrow of the people

And no one makes postcards of
Where I actually