23 Jun 2008

George Carlin. 1937-2008

 god dammit…

Seriously what’s going on? I didn’t even post up Stan Winston’s passing on here, as I thought it would be one too many… Is 2008 the Chinese year of ‘every cool person dying’ or something? Like me, Carlin was a huge Robert Anton Wilson fan,

18 Jun 2008


If anyone else did a method out of a curb cut, it would look ridiculous

4 Jun 2008

Didn't it rain...


Sunny outside so I thought I'd post this up. I hope that when I'm an old lady, and I get a horse drawn carriage to the train station, I can sling an electric guitar over my shoulder and sing some super-bad gospel... Sister Rosetta kicks ass.

3 Jun 2008

'because I'm C Brown - class clown'

Bo Diddley

I'm not going to be Obituary boy and post every time someone I like dies - but - if it wasn't for Bo Diddley, alongside Little Richard and Chuck Berry - you wouldn't be listening to 80% of the music you have on your I-Pod right now. So recognise.   Dec 30, 1928 – Jun 2, 2008

2 Jun 2008

Get Orf My Land!

How can you tell if you’re not welcome somehwere? Hint: If you’re in a helicopter and dudes are trying to warn you off with a BOW AND ARROW, it’s safe to assume that:

A. They don’t want you there, and
B: They have no idea what the fuck a helicopter is.
Ergo –
C: Want to be left alone.

Unfortunately, I get the feeling this won’t be the case. And now these tribesmen who have up until now lead pretty normal lives in the middle of the rainforest – will be praying to whichever god they believe in, to protect them from the ‘flying metal demon’ that haunts their dreams.
Score yet another point for whitey!