24 Jan 2013

Brother Ray

I think this is old. Not sure why I only just found it...

18 Jan 2013

Elliot Smith

Circa 1999 or 2000, director Paul Thomas Anderson oversaw a pilot for a musical VH1 variety show that would have starred his frequent musical collaborator Jon Brion. The late singer-songwriter Elliot Smith appeared in the pilot... He's backed by Brion and Brad Mehldau. As IndieWire points out, footage from the pilot has floated around before, but now a YouTube account associated with Anderson has posted the whole thing online.

15 Jan 2013

And then a cigarette.

An experiment in the miniscule
In an attempt to connect with the outside
The outer limits
The twilight zone

In subjective surroundings
Unclassifiable and unofficial
But an experiment nonetheless

Unhindered by outside influence I am without the restraints of the everyday
The rules and boxes and checklists
I am Wells sitting in his imagined time machine
Only smaller

Less pertinent and
Far less acknowledged
As I sit and light up a pointless cigarette
And drink again
Too early too soon never enough

The experiment is thus –
Never having to change.

6 Jan 2013

first. day. back

First day back to work tomorrow. Yay. After two weeks off. Nothing accomplished. As planned. I'd rather just do this until summer comes...