16 Jul 2013

Two hundred dustbins

It is the hottest day of the year
There are 200 dustbins to walk past
Every morning
On the way to sit down and work so I can get paid
And one day live somewhere there is less garbage

Crushed mint
Music of the gods

And a 14th moon is found
Out there where the lack of air is a gift
Where the closer to the sun you get
The further away from breathing you are
And you need one more line for balance

Absolute quiet

But that line never comes
So you grind teeth and swallow bourbon
And sit in the sun and bake
Trying to see past the burning light
Without actually

I turn up the volume
Push up my sunglasses
Look up to try and find moon 14.

12 Jul 2013

Bye bye CBI


A quick post to mourn the passing of a great blog - the Chrome Ball Incident has been logging a serious amount of real skateboard history for a long time now. It was bound to end, as all good thinigs do, but the site - not to mention the integrity with which the posts were written and handled overall - remains truly indispensable.Good work.

4 Jul 2013

Lost cat

A sign on the tree outside the house
 - Lost cat -
Cute photo
I think we saw it yesterday
I think, maybe
So I call to say ‘don’t get your hopes up – but I think…’

Been there, done that
So I call, let her know what I saw and hang up

When I look at the photo a second time
I see the picture is of my face
I little greyer
A little fluffier
But it's me no doubt about it

I check my pockets
Count ten fingers and ten toes
And am pretty certain that I am not lost

So I walk down the path and in the front door
A moment later there’s a knock
I turn and open it and am greeted by a large woman
Holding a small porcelain horse

you called she says
In a vague eastern European accent
            can you give me more info she says

I couldn’t but tried anyway
Been there
Done that
She thanked me and left

I closed the door and went to the bathroom
Washed my face and checked the mirror for signs of cat
And nothing much else

I look down
Ten toes
I’m not lost
I’m right here