4 Jul 2013

Lost cat

A sign on the tree outside the house
 - Lost cat -
Cute photo
I think we saw it yesterday
I think, maybe
So I call to say ‘don’t get your hopes up – but I think…’

Been there, done that
So I call, let her know what I saw and hang up

When I look at the photo a second time
I see the picture is of my face
I little greyer
A little fluffier
But it's me no doubt about it

I check my pockets
Count ten fingers and ten toes
And am pretty certain that I am not lost

So I walk down the path and in the front door
A moment later there’s a knock
I turn and open it and am greeted by a large woman
Holding a small porcelain horse

you called she says
In a vague eastern European accent
            can you give me more info she says

I couldn’t but tried anyway
Been there
Done that
She thanked me and left

I closed the door and went to the bathroom
Washed my face and checked the mirror for signs of cat
And nothing much else

I look down
Ten toes
I’m not lost
I’m right here