16 Apr 2014

Girls of summer II

Everything is questions now
A tipping point reached
Sliding down the other side
Of the goddamn mountain
Looking back
Looking up

Digging your nails in trying
To slow yourself
For even a moment
Taste the air
Take it in
As it passes you like a dog
Hanging out a car window
Don’t look back
You can never look back

Still you ask the impossible now
Of yourself
Of others
Reaching out to grasp fingertips
Of hands just inches away as they blur past

And your eyes divert
Forward like a hunter’s gaze
You are looking for the box
And you are looking for the trap door
Still in your ears old songs ring
Straight to the heart
Where they were imprinted
So many summers ago

And they remain there
And they are solid
And they are like iron           
And they pump the blood
And feed the soul
And cause the shadow of regret
And melancholy to fall
Every now and then
But it is just that
Only a shadow

Don’t look back
You can never look back
Even if it was all gold
Warmth and carelessness
Nights that never came and never ended
All at once
It will only ever be a version of the truth

But it can’t be helped
And believe me I have tried
Though this age
Is the best time for this introspection
Opposite reflection and infantile regression
So why listen to me 
Feed the soul with a solid red
Scream shout laugh lament
Close your eyes and dream it all back.