21 Apr 2011

Quote of the week

'To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.'  Carlos Castaneda

I was going to title this post Surrounded by Silence but that's a Prefuse 73 album so any sense of originality went out the window. Suffice to say 'average' is the keyword here.


From Disinfo:
Myth's central importance does not end with our art or religions. It is not solely a dusty world of broken clay pots and tablets written in dead languages. Our myths determine how we engage with the world, how we enter into it. How we treat ourselves and one another. Far from being archaic relics of the past, myths will determine our future. Even if we are unaware of them, they will continue to affect us. More.

Hail Mary Mallon

These guys have an imminent release. Can't wait. Watch the HD clip:

last day

Nicked from Thrasher. A random 'my last day at work for 2 weeks' pic.

20 Apr 2011

basically, fuck you

Like Galileo, I wish I could laugh at the extraordinary stupidy of the mob. I am such a reactionary child sometimes...

19 Apr 2011

Sports clips - May

Yeah I know it's April still, but I'm not going to be on here much the next couple weeks - so...
You cannot fuck with Evander. Dude was some kind of lion/rhino/human hybrid. And I've posted this exact same clip on here before somewhere, but it's Laird - so whatever dude.


I want to get a T-shirt printed that say’s
In a really large font
For almost everyone I know to think it’s about them
Blinkered souls

Sarcasm being the lowest form of blah blah blah
I’m happy at the bottom
Thanks very much.

Crit 2.

Contrary to popular belief
You aren’t special
You are not awed just because you are gifted
You are a subtle contradiction of the worst kind
You are not a spiritual human being
You are not ‘one love’
Sad and insecure as the rest
Of us
You exist
On the edge
Over it
You exist
And that is all.

18 Apr 2011

Piss Christ

Andres Serrano's Piss Christ has been destroyed by Christian protesters who
broke into a gallery in Avignon, France, and slashed the photograph.

After reading a really interesting issue of the New Statesman today (check me out) dealing with a lot of issues on comparative religion and atheism, I wasn't really surprised to read about THESE DICKHEADS, just a little disappointed about the futile predictability of it all.

Welcome back!

Getting my coffee this morning I witnessed the manager telling - sorry - asking one of her staff to fill the banana tray. Apparently they have to hide the stalks. She literally showed them how to correctly lay a banana in a box; 'So like this, but not like this. Ok?'

Now I know I have had to do some demeaning shit to get paid in the past, but surely that girl has a qualification in something - and working in a coffeeshop is just a part time thing while she finishes her thesis in molecular biology? Though her English was so bad that when I got my coffee and said thanks, bye, she replied with a big smile and 'thank you welcome back!'.

14 Apr 2011

On the art of horror movies.

Spun out on pills and
Not even the good kind,
The normality begins its daily take

I flick what’s left of my soul into the coin tray
The fragments clang and echo sharply as they hit the metal and
I’m waived on through the gate - into tomorrow.

And the cars are just squares of metals driven by
Squares of flesh.

Even the trees are fabrication,
A child’s blocks of brown and green plastic
Desperate to stagger the onset of human existence.

And none of this is art.
None of this destroys or creates -
Flames out the life or drowns the stomach in nourishing milk.

But then there is the art,
And even that is not really

The paintings
The photographs,
The words and language.
All failures at arts great game.

The sculpture sometimes exceeds the limit -
The stone and bronze and marble and
Mirrored steel,
That intrude like a wrecking ball.

Causing them to veer off course
Out of the grid lines,
To panic and eventually flee.

The real art comes from the prosthetics
And blood capsules,
And putty and scalpel and resin,
And exploding heart and brain,
The flying eye and chainsaw,
The scream - the trickle.

The real art resides deep within exaggerated death.
And all of this done with a smile,
With cameras and scripts and
The hot blonde who is always the first to

13 Apr 2011

Sports clip of the month - April

For a lack of anything else creative or interesting to post today...

Sugar Ray in a rare loss. I know most of these fights are in/around the same weight class but that’s where the action was. Duran would go on to quit pretty unceremoniously in their second meeting.
And then some Clyde Drexler. If Clyde was an actor – he’d be Cool Lester Smooth in The Wire.

12 Apr 2011

First Orbit

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special. Stephen Hawking

1 Apr 2011

This weekend I shall be mostly (not) listening to

Was going to have a good old time listening to this over the next 2 days. 3 discs of re-mixed and extra tracks... But seeing as Amazon can’t get their act together and post a CD in less than a week (5 working days my ass) It’ll have to wait until next week. Bollocks.

Look at the pretty pictures

Like a lot of people growing up with skateboarding in the late 80's early 90's, exposure to new people places and tricks usually came from magazines before videos. Transworld Thrasher and R.A.D were the staples at the time, with Slap and Big Brother among others, coming later. So back in dreary South East London we'd plow through these pictures of smooth streets, new parks and blue skies in the middle of which some kid would be mid-pop or grinding some block or another. Some of the photographers always stood out as having a particluar style and like the people they would shoot - were instatly recognisable, at least to the trained eye. Here are links to 3 of my favourites in the field: BLABAC, ATIBA, and the OG BK. (and a shout out to TLB.)