10 Feb 2009

William Melvin Hicks, 16/12/1961 – 26/2/1994

Thursday is the anniversary of Bill Hicks death.

As I can’t make it to the Jongleurs show and may not have internet access, I decided to post up these clips of the late great Goatboy a bit early.
This first one is Bill talking on public access TV about his 12th Letterman airing, and why what ended up being his last appearance, was cut:

And here is the set itself, shown the first time just a few weeks back, on the actual Letterman show. The lady sitting next to Dave is Bill’s mother:

And finally... The only clip I’ve ever seen of ‘Hicks losing it’. This whole thing starts – in case you don’t hear due to the sound quality – because the woman say’s 'you suck’. Bad choice baby:

2 Feb 2009

Everything looks better like this

Managed to get a good skate in on Sunday just before the downfall of snow. Then went to the park today and it was like the scene from some kind of Disney film - all kids and sleds and comedy snowball throwing... also saw the biggest snowman ever - Lu is in the picture for scale.