21 Jun 2013

7 Jun 2013

Conflicting advice

Gentle voices have of late
Been telling me to kill
Or perhaps that’s too distinct

They have whispered the blues to me

Warm breath on my neck
Reassuring me that there would be no consequences
Fire in my throat
A clear mind

There is little more terrifying than a clear mind
Not much left to fear after pure love and security
The true sign of life for some
Is the true sign of the end for others

When joy is weighed down by the shadow
When you only ever laugh while in company

But then

The screams
Bourbon soaked and
Arms scarred
Shouting for you to rise
To fight for everything
For everyone

Ice down your back
The biggest joke of all
Looking to the end of the world and seeing the edge
That really does exist

And you are surrounded
Hands taking and souls giving
Souls or something
But you are far from alone
And whom do you reach out to
When all these words all make so much sense

Though the voices are all at once black and white
They’re the first truth and the last lie you’ll ever hear
This is the reason you sing songs
The reason you drink and write and
Bang the drum.