30 Jan 2012

Zero point fluctuation.

Indecision hangs all around
A rolling fog
As regular as the twelve bar blues

A metronomic impact fractures bones like plaster
The surface cracks in tiny increments
The degraded facade

And the ice comes
Low pressure
From overseas to underfoot

Under radar
The animal senses on override
They all begin to flee

Curtains get drawn
Windows boarded up
Layers of clothes added to layers of clothes

Fires stoked and candles lit
A stockpiling of all things that
Will burn

And the ice comes
Approaching like a childhood memory
An unconscious event best forgotten

It rises back up through cracks in the floorboards
And the men sense nothing
While the ubermensch knows all

And prepares
Regresses his mood
Retreats into himself

All negative energy and positive reality
Becomes null within the void
Synapse activity lessens as

The best of us become still
And wait for this season
To pass overhead

Knowing that the centre star
Will absolve us of
All this agony.

26 Jan 2012

the chz

Some randoms added to the chz images blog.
My other blog that continues to lack both rhyme and reason.

25 Jan 2012


Find yourself 8 quid and get down to this in February:

19 Jan 2012

Several eyes smiling into the golden door of heaven.

I am in retrograde orbit
As parchment disintegrates in the rain

I am bruised fruit
And sweet and soft and living underneath
Green apples

I am the furthest place from home
The space between as the
Space between proton and

I am the fallen mountain
The smoking volcano
I am the hours it takes to breathe in
And out again 100 times.

13 Jan 2012

Have you seen them?

This'll be a good view for us old timers...
The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
Premieres at the Sundance Festival on the 21st January

12 Jan 2012

Opening today at all 11 Gagosian galleries around the world,
including two in London, Hirst's spot paintings are taking over
the planet. Hirst has produced almost 1,500, and currently has
a team of assistants working on one with a million spots that
will take over nine years to complete.

Crimble tunes

Yes it's January... I'm on the ball as ever, here are the current tunes accompanying my daily post-Xmas commute:

10 Jan 2012

6 Jan 2012


Poached from SkateDaily

"Next, on Exploitation Theatre...Blacula, followed by Blackenstein, and The Blunchblack of Blotre Blame!"

Just added this to the Lovefilm list...

Eve Arnold, 1912-2012

Coming up though college studying graphic design, an interest photography came later on and most of that was of a very particular style – Albert Watson and those guys that used hard lighting and a style that looked in itself quite design-based. Eve Arnold was the first photographer I discovered of a more 'traditional' output. The picture that did it for me initially was a backstage shot of Charlotte Stribling, which what was once my favourite photograph of all time. Even without the Marilyn Monroe photos, which are in my opinion the best images ever shot of her, Eve Arnold’s pictures were just something that connected with me for no apparent reason.   More here

5 Jan 2012

Dark sheets of pain.

It was a joke
Intended to be funny to me
But often the water can flow in reverse
The words deciding to walk on their own
And all you can do is follow...

I walk under this sheet under cloud
Under a predictive galaxy
Full of mistakes
Arms full of silver
Slivers of acute pain
Inaction the order of the day
Through and across rain soaked cobbled streets
Twisting ankles
Slipping souls

Daylight memories vaporise like
Replaced in the ether by strangled voices
Happy words floating on ice cream sundaes
Nothing is real now
Voiceboxes causing rifts in the system
Cracks in the pavement to swallow me

Names drop
Faces fall
Grins stretch across the quiet horizon
The start of this morning resonates
And reflects the beginning of this year
The end of the last life
Full of mistakes
Arms full of silver
Slivers of acute pain
Inaction the order of the day

We remain happy in our solitude
Energised by our lack of solace.

4 Jan 2012


Seeing as I missed the Pipilotti Rist show, I'm going to make sure I get to the Hayward to see this when it opens in February. David Shrigley is hilarious, I highly recommend a visit.

3 Jan 2012

Futile Devices

Nothing to report this early in the day/week/year. So this will more than suffice for now:

Happy January.