30 May 2013

Reverse creep while the goddamn television keeps me down again

Genius idea 1;
I figure
If I log three things at a time
Maybe one of those will save time
Grab someone
Condense correlate

Life is like this
A rambling haiku of misspelling
Constant asides
Accidents forgiven
Mistakes forgotten
Love remembered
Someone else’s guitar
While your voice sings along
Albeit silently
A secret well known to all
This late in the game

Nothing linear
If anything
Experience and actions become reversed
Perfect and symmetrically opposite
A crippled symmetry
Here I am alone
Red all around
Flowers and
Wine and heavy curtains that she bought and got made and

Here I am alone
Pretending I am young though not wanting to
And any focus or point or anything of something that once there was
Long since left me - for sunnier climbs no doubt

Genius idea 2;
Sit and force it to come
The words are here
there somewhere

Light up
Close my eyes and lie about the page having an end
About there being rules and facts and a real world
Just outside somewhere

Even with this sky as light as it is now at nearly 9pm
I see the reality through the gap in those dark heavy curtains
How long before we all end up just coasting along a path
Because that was the easiest thing to do
The safest thing
No one to follow anymore
No one left to lead now
What a predicament

How are the others dealing with this I wonder…
Do they still have each other
These thoughts are laid down in too abstract a fashion
Too camouflaged to be considered (I am aware - I am not stupid)
An intentional wasting of my – and your – time
So why bother
Because ‘one day’
One day they’ll all wake up
And who knows
Maybe I will too

But until then I now have this responsibility
Then and now
My opposing forces
Mirrored and so unaware of each other

Countdown is beginning
- has begun
My mistake
The morning birds now sing outside
Into the nighttime clouds
So at least I am not the only one in the wrong
And I remember that I used to do that
And far from lamenting that time
I am glad to miss it
I shed not a tear for the naivety of our youngest nights

21 May 2013

1939 - 2013


The only thing that ultimately matters is to eat an ice-cream cone, play a slide trombone, plant a small tree, good God, now you're free.

16 May 2013


'World War 3' is a working title. This is the start of the start of the beginning of a short story I'll probably never finish... peace.

Ours is a small story, told from inside a far bigger one. The biggest story we’d ever been part of – and the biggest there would ever be.

The house was merely shell. Orange brick turned to white chalk. Fragmented and abstract. Blackened, charred. The bright smouldering long since cooled. Luckily for us the layout of the small 5 room building was such, that when the last of the big blasts came, the shockwave passed the south east corner of the house in a kind of slipstream. This left the large rear bedroom more or less intact – structurally at least.

We had the 3 beds for the 4 of us to share, a luxury that we’d told the children not to let on to anyone outside the family. The small stove worked fine and what was left of the bathroom was still attached to the inside wall of the bedroom so the toilet was workable most of the time.

Running water hadn’t been anyone’s reality for I think about 3 months by that time. It was hard to know for sure. We knew the date from the radio broadcasts, but the events of the period overall, were all just blurred into one another. The important thing was that the 3 remaining exterior walls were mostly intact also, forming something that still resembled a home. Or at least what strangers and scavengers could recognise as having been a home, once upon a time…

We had managed quite well for the year since last winter – the one they named ‘the dead winter’. We had seen neighbours leave in the hope of settling somewhere more populated, seen others perish. We had watched as those who had retreated to the countryside and outer suburbs - returned only to fade away weeks later. Meanwhile the decision was made that we’d stay put – wait it out. What we expected to happen wasn’t entirely clear, but we felt staying in one place would be safer for the kids.

We were wrong.

9 May 2013

Quote of the day

"Skateboarding is not a hobby. And it is not a sport. Skateboarding is a way of learning how to redefine the world around you. For most people, when they saw a swimming pool, they thought, ‘Let's take a swim.' But I thought, ‘Let's ride it.' When they saw the curb or a street, they would think about driving on it. I would think about the texture. I slowly developed the ability to look at the world through totally different means."
Ian Mackaye 

8 May 2013

Quote of the day

I constantly try to reinvent my sensibilities and my ideas. I enjoy some of the satisfaction that I get when I feel good about what I've done. But the process is quite lonely and quite painful. Vincent Gallo

Ray Harryhausen 1920 - 2013

Ray Harryhausen

I won't even bother to explain the obvious... article from AintItCool here.