16 May 2014

The day will come when the poles reverse

The metal dynamo underneath us
Turning and turning until eventually
It happens

But they say we will all
Be gone by then
So what’s the difference

And this is before the sun decides
To give up the ghost
This is before the expansion snaps
And all our science breaks down

North will be south
And south will be north
And the creatures will lose their way
And the sky will dance
Over the city.

9 May 2014

Monsters in the bright day sunlight

Ages old                                                                                       
We are leant on
Ages old
We are pushed

And they speak in tongues and roar and
They speak truths and simplicity
And we are leant on
Kneeled upon

Can’t you see the truth?
How easy it can be -
How clean and simple?

Eyes shining
Clear of pain or desire
Clear of memory or disgust
Ages old
They have always been
It seems
Speaking at volume
In volumes
The right path to take

But their white eyes hold no disgrace
And so cannot fathom the bottles of liquor
Cannot compute the morning sunrise being a curse
When you never saw the night

Their ideals are far removed
From the drunken spitting reality of making it
From A to B and sometimes
Back again
But not always
They buried their own red buttons long ago
No self-destruct option to be

So you learn to move fast
Speak faster
Walk in cracks and shadow to get by them
And their clean living paths to a clean living