24 Oct 2013

A small life

I stole two bananas this morning
In broad daylight
From under noses
After walking in, under the half moon
Over a pile of old coleslaw on the curb
To which someone had helpfully added
A small plastic knife and fork set

After screaming into the night
Over things that really don’t matter
The gods covering their ears
The cats listening from rooftops unimpressed

It’s good to keep yourself on your toes
Touch life
Test the world from time to time
Make sure it’s all still there
Still tangible

The rules of the everyday
Do not apply as much as you’d think
Even if you don’t do anything of note
Even if you are not regarded by others
And just go about your small life
Content and happy and just getting

That’s ok
That's alright
Just don’t forget to
Keep tasting the fruit once in a while.

7 Oct 2013

11th hour

A sober epiphany
It is the night before
It is a walk into battle without a rifle
I find myself suddenly needing to play catch up

The masks drop for long enough for me to
Remember and
        long enough is not long at all
And I am fragile and I am small
I carry a deck of 52 aces
Black hearts every one
They have got me this far and now refuse to
Serve me any further

A Bösendorfer sends me down the rabbit hole
The sinking feeling nourishing and deadly as
I hold my breath and decide whether to ever
Let go
And it is almost time
Almost tomorrow

Then I see it again
The film still
The portrait

Bleached out
Morning country
Winter air
The opposing blade to here and
And what would once have been hell to me

That being the fault of wise elders
The conditioning by family
Who knew better
Or were just scared to death themselves
And wanting to protect a child

The white keys begin their fade
And I know the end is due
It comes without fail
Without surprise

And silence remains
And the image remains
Secret desire
An infamous chill

Then the small face
Two eyes ready to be filled with
Whatever I choose…
Cold water from the streams
Runs down my back
Smooth rocks underfoot unsteady me

For the first time I question
What I have done
Everything again a divers weight on my chest
Taking me down and
I am encased in cotton wool and silken thread
Forced toward an ever long metamorphosis

I am not running out of time
I am immortal and unwilling
I have all the time the gods hand out
These days I just have no idea what to
Do with it

And I am fragile and I am small
And I carry a deck of 52 aces
All black hearts
53 if you count the one that keeps me

So I break out the claws
And turn my back on myself
Sit, sip, wait to get pulled into the whirlpool
It is almost time
Almost tomorrow
My journey to the centre of the earth.