22 May 2009

More sketchy...



I never bought a Gonz board before. Shiny. It came with the Krooked glasses, I thought Isaac would like 'em...

He didn't.

Horses, Horses, Horses

Not your usual documentary flick, and all the better for it. Shot over 10 years, it's a very personal and involving look at the life and work of Patti Smith. Keep your eyes open for Flea, Michael Stipe and Thom Yorke popping up too.

Nothing ruins the taste of a peanut butter sandwich, like unrequited love

That's a Charlie Brown quote. Pretty sure he didn't look like this when he said it though:

Should've posted this a week back, but went to the Ron English show, and it was amazing. That painting is about 2M by 2M and is yours for a mere £47 grand. As it stands, I'm going to try and get one of these instead - if it's not too late already:


12 May 2009

Set the mood...

You know that early morning walk, the one where you're on the way to the train station, pre-9am
going to work, college, whatever. Listening to music and struggling to find that right song / album for the time and the journey. It's early so you don't want anything too hyped - but you don't want anything too quiet either, as you do need to wake up after all...

Well, sometimes you hit on something and it puts you in the right mood, a great mood in fact - but not the right mood for sitting at work all day. So follows, in no particular order, a (not THE) top 10 of records to avoid listening to on the way into work:

LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad - Progession Sessions UK Live 03.

At the Drive In - Relationship of Command.

The Black Keys - Thickfreakness

The Stooges - Gimme Danger

Black Flag - TV Party

EL-P and Ghostface - Hideyaface, EL-P remix

Iron and Wine - Woman King EP

TV on the Radio - Love Dog

Elliot Smith - Angeles

Pretty much anything by RATM.

You're welcome.

6 May 2009

Dom DeLuise 1933-2009

Certain films were engrained in my memory as a kid, and Cannonball Run was one of them. One reason was that I would watch the intro with the black Lamborgini - police chase - over and over and OVER thinking, that's the best thing ever. And the other was Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise making me almost piss myself with laughter throughout the film. RIP Captain Chaos.