30 Jan 2012

Zero point fluctuation.

Indecision hangs all around
A rolling fog
As regular as the twelve bar blues

A metronomic impact fractures bones like plaster
The surface cracks in tiny increments
The degraded facade

And the ice comes
Low pressure
From overseas to underfoot

Under radar
The animal senses on override
They all begin to flee

Curtains get drawn
Windows boarded up
Layers of clothes added to layers of clothes

Fires stoked and candles lit
A stockpiling of all things that
Will burn

And the ice comes
Approaching like a childhood memory
An unconscious event best forgotten

It rises back up through cracks in the floorboards
And the men sense nothing
While the ubermensch knows all

And prepares
Regresses his mood
Retreats into himself

All negative energy and positive reality
Becomes null within the void
Synapse activity lessens as

The best of us become still
And wait for this season
To pass overhead

Knowing that the centre star
Will absolve us of
All this agony.