1 Apr 2011

Look at the pretty pictures

Like a lot of people growing up with skateboarding in the late 80's early 90's, exposure to new people places and tricks usually came from magazines before videos. Transworld Thrasher and R.A.D were the staples at the time, with Slap and Big Brother among others, coming later. So back in dreary South East London we'd plow through these pictures of smooth streets, new parks and blue skies in the middle of which some kid would be mid-pop or grinding some block or another. Some of the photographers always stood out as having a particluar style and like the people they would shoot - were instatly recognisable, at least to the trained eye. Here are links to 3 of my favourites in the field: BLABAC, ATIBA, and the OG BK. (and a shout out to TLB.)