10 Jul 2008

It has just been discovered that SYZURRRP – is Latin for ‘Stop making records’.

So, TIME magazine have compared Lil Wayne to Bob Dylan. Yes you read that right – TIME magazine.

Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of Wayne or that whole steez, and not too schooled in that area of Hip Hop , as it holds no interest for me. But, even I know well enough that those 2 names shouldn’t be in the same sentence. Was Eminem the Hip Hop Woody Guthrie? No.

The reason I think they shouldn't over-emphasise the greatness of ‘Tha Carter’ is that these retard little gangsta wannabes already know more about Wayne than about Dylan, or even Hendrix. They'll know more about his whole crew, mix tapes, rhymes, and life stories of those rappers – than about Tommie Smith or John Carlos, Miles Davis or Donald Byrd.

These children have yet to realise that, as has been said before, ‘The world is not your block. The world is bigger than your block.’ Get on a bus – get on a train and go see what the world is about before you form an opinion, or start talking with such certainty about your bitch-ass 15 year old ‘life’.