10 Mar 2009

Indiana... Smith

mysterymanonfilm.com, has a link to download the 125-page transcript (in the form of a .pdf document) of the original 1978 story conference between Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Lawrence Kasdan for a little film called Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Spielberg suggested that Kasdan write Raiders because he admired his Continental Divide script. Lucas agreed. Lucas had just released Star Wars, the biggest film in the history of Hollywood and a cult phenomenon. Spielberg had just released Close Encounters of the Third Kind and before that, Jaws. Now Kasdan was called in to have a story conference with the biggest names in Hollywood who wanted to talk about their next blockbuster. They had 5 consecutive 9-hour days to talk about the story
Click the title for the full story and link if you have a couple hours to spare.