29 Apr 2010

Everyday underbelly.

Stealing food
Jumping trains
Keeping quiet
Sticking to the rule book
Writing songs never heard
Underground thoughts turned
Brown by the every day light
Unwelcome autumn leaves cracking
Months too soon.

Sleepless nights and awake in the daytime
But still always dreaming
While soft hatred remains
At the bottom of your heart.

Your mind singing songs unheard
Dragging the rule book
Like a weight around your neck
Jumping trains
Stealing food
Buying wine
Keeping quiet
Keeping your head above water.

Winter piano keys cover nihilism with
Their gentle snowflake song
And we run towards the moonlight
Resting just over the fairytale horizon.

The white electrical glow
From the corner of the room to
The corner of our minds
Is our only guide along the way.

Holding hands
A baby in
The black road left behind
Our long ago storybook tale.

And suddenly we hear voices
Swept in on the wind
Promising us the world we deserve.

Towards the moonlight we go
Towards the light
So close to our hands
The voices embrace us as we hold hands
Baby in arms.

Just over the horizon
The ground down metaphor of
Black steel sparks along
Night time white lines
It is the flint with which to begin
Living once again.