26 Jun 2010

I cried

yeah yeah yeah. let's get that over with right from the off. The other title for this post was going to be 'We are here to save your evening!' (Pele from the Hives).

Here's the setlist:

Given To Fly, Why Go, Brain Damage (cover), Corduroy, Got Some, Once, World Wide Suicide, Small Town, Amongst The Waves, Even Flow, Unthought Known, Nothing Man, Arms Aloft (cover), Not For You, Of The Earth, State Of Love And Trust, Do The Evolution, Wasted Reprise, Better Man/Save It For Later (cover)

1st encore: Just Breathe, Red Mosquito (feat. Ben Harper), Black, Porch

2nd encore: Go, The Fixer, Alive, Yellow Ledbetter

the weather couldn't have been better. The food and beer was expensive. I bought a T-shirt that I'm putting away for Isaac. The sound was better than I'd expected and aside from a strong rendition of an average Joe Strummer song (I don't care about the Clash, sorry) the set was kind of a greatest hits, and I'm perfectly happy with that - and the new track Of The Earth sounded amazing.

the only real downers were the 5 Heidi Montag sound-a-likes with their clutch bag collection, standing next to us facing the other way and talking to/texting each
other and eyeballing anyone who got too near them. I hope your plane crashes into whatever sun drenched neon lit, Rodeo Drive looking fucking toilet you came here from.

and - to Mr 'I'm a quiet loner who doesn't know one single song lyric yet if anyone tries to walk past me to the front I'll give them proper shit' (but am too much of a pussy to do anything when someone fronts me on it) you enjoy that lonely bus ride back to your mothers basement where your microwave bacon cheeseburger is waiting for you. You bald retard.

anyhooo, that aside the night was more or less perfect. Not going to review it here but will say that there's no band I've seen, ever, who are as tight as those guys. Especially this long into a career. It's all about consistency people.

here's a pic of Ben Harper who rocked the support slot after the Hives had finished, and Ben and Eddie doing Under Pressure from early in Bens set. (Not much I know, but I didn't include in the above list - those people who were filming the whole thing to put on YouTube tomorrow. And I mean the WHOLE thing. Put your cameras down and listen to the tunes - you assholes).

I love everyone really.

Link to Absolute Radio site here.