24 Aug 2010


Looking over my old posts today, I thought I'd copy/paste up a reminder of what I'm trying to do here...

After all the Facebook / MySpace shenanigans over the past year, I thought - why not get back to the good old days of posting stuff on a blog that no one will ever see, unless I tell them about it over Facebook or MySpace.

I have used the name channelzero for over 8 years now, as an umbrella identity for numerous projects of mine including: photography, publishing of prose/poetry/short fiction and other things (forever) on the back burner.

I am trying to juggle lots of things at once to keep it all fresh and keep moving forward. Even if what comes out of it ends up being repetitive or rambling or a bit involved and introspective – I don’t care. There are too many 'art projects' that re-use old ideas and rely on trends, and by not having a real format I'm trying to avoid that at all costs.

This blog will run side by side with my MySpace page – which will include the longer pieces of my writing. So, I will pretty much post whatever pops in my head day to day onto here – kind of like free association - and this will hopefully give my other work more focus.

Longer bits of work - stories and articles for example, can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/channelzerose4