5 Oct 2010

Heavy wain.

All I want is my coffee,
Please cease with your well mannered pleasantries.
All I want is a dry street,
A change of direction
And a reason to carry on,
So please stop asking me about the weather.

I know you are told to do these things;
Make nice,
Keep smiling,
Keep them smiling,
I know you want to do these things
As you are too young and focussed
To be jaded.

All I want is everything, now that you ask.
The surface of the sun and the centre
Mass of your heart,
So hide those pearly whites from view, and
Carry on about your

Get on with whatever it is you
When you’re not gwinning at people,
Because there is no time for this.

You will one day soon realise
That you are a hundred years old,
And listening to all those people talk about
The job, the train, the holiday -
All of that has vacuumed tiny gaps of air from
Your lungs,
And left you with quantum imperfections of
The soul.

All I want is my coffee,
This morning I kind of like the gentle wain.