21 Dec 2010

There's classic and there's CLASSIC

Aside from 2 or 3 songs - Yo Bum Rush the Show is possibly one of the greatest albums of all time. And not just in Hip Hop, but overall.
It could be argued that if it was just a recording and not performed live - or if PE didn't have that particular image and 'mainifesto' - the record could really just be a Chuck(y) D solo album produced by the Bomb Squad, for all of Flavor and Terminator X's input on it. But that would be enough, Hank Shocklee did things on that record that were/are just minblowing and literally timeless. And Chuck has rhymes for days that, due to his particluar style and subject matter are real genius and massively original for 2010, nevermind the 80's ('...the po-etical / -itical / lyrical son...'). All of this is obvious and 'yeah yeah yeah' when you say it out loud - but people tend to forget, have shit on their I-Tunes forever and maybe skip over it. But listening to it again on my way in this morning (something about hearing it while on a train through a city covered in snow just fits perfectly) you fall into the sound of it and wonder how they even came up with some of those ideas - the 'chorus' of MiUzi Weighs a Ton for example seems simple but the overall structure of the track is crazy. Maybe because of this album alone I rank the Bomb Squad up there with PR and Primo etc etc, in the best Hip Hop producer list.

This is all written off the top of my head so excuse any ramblings within - just trying to express my thoughts on something while it's fresh in my tiny brain.

I had this on tape back in 88: