7 Jul 2011

Imagine a plucked, white skinned turkey that won’t shut the fuck up, and you’ll be halfway there.

Suffering is a state of mind
If indeed you have a mind
The ability to speak does
Make you right minded
Or left in a field of daisies

And yet – HARK - this
Fills the air
Hanging there
Like a wet towel stinking and
A damp taste on your

And you are left
Craving ice and mountain air
And you are left wanting to
Hike the north face
Granite hard and clear as day
Left open mouthed
Eyes raised to the rolling flurries
That keep you upright on
Your spikes

But instead we hang beneath cars
Sucking giant tail pipes
Suck up the grey motherfucker
This is what we do
Accept it

And you are right
Craving acceptance and credibility
And you are left alone
With no one to face
Granite hard and black as night
Open mouthed
Eyes raised
Upright on your spikes

And by the way
Pig or warthog
They’re all the same
Gobble, snort, rut, fuck, die.