19 Jul 2012

Gareth McConnell

I have met a lot of photographers in my time, both via friends and though work, and there were regular occasions where I’d find the work immensely attractive only to meet the person behind the camera and discover they’re aloof, immodest, or at worst totally unlikeable. I guess it’s like hearing a band and after buying 3 albums finding out the lead songwriter is a fascist or something... 

At the other end of the scale is the rarity of seeing great art and then finding the artist is actually a really nice person. Gareth – who I haven’t seen in over 5 years since leaving my old job in Soho – was a gent. And his photos are great. He has an eye that is very close to what I would see in things when I was shooting so I think that drew me to a lot of his work in the beginning. They can be deceptively simple, but are always intruiging images. Website here.