15 Mar 2013

Alpha, Gamma

What is responsible
The Alpha waves
The Gamma waves
The will to create rather than diminish
- there being no third option

Today I saw a black woman punch her
Young son
On the street in broad daylight
No shame
No loss of control on her part

He laughed
As though the normalcy amused him
And then she punched his sister
Fist to arm
A good swing

They both giggled and skipped off
As though they’d been caught
Sneaking one more cookie from the jar
Than was allowed

We are surrounded by concrete and cardboard
Rotting apples and unnameable beliefs
Stupidity lit by neon
Beggars on horseback
And a distinct lack of necessary

No desire to learn
No desire to love
No desire to grow
A waste of the white matter
Any potential future left unconsidered

The formulae to curing this madness
Could lie somewhere in linear examination
In chaos theory or in the darkness of thick oil paint
In words on a page that though understated
At least try to focus sunlight on these pointless