24 Nov 2014

Testament to musclebound creatures and sirens that bring ships crashing to rocky deaths.

To fear the silence is to fear yourself
To reject isolation is to spurn your own
Continuing evolution

Not deep thought
Not abstract consideration of the void
Rather just plan nothing

Dropping the engine down from fourth
Slowed to a stop
An evening hillside
Eyes over the horizon of the city

Shielded from the posturing
Cocooned from the shouting
And screaming and music

Dancing to yourself
Secretly singing love songs
And the sadness of it all is a wave

And you rise and fall
With it
Delicately in the quiet

Nothing to prove
Nothing to fight for
But inside…

Still climbing granite boulders
Struggling toward the source of all hurricanes
Forward on gut instinct
Breaking chains
Napalm on every bridge
Bravely evolving in the near dark.