15 May 2015

A hundred ways to go fuck yourself

A hundred
Million ways
A million gold coins in the bank
Stuffed into their clean-as-shit mattress

Stockpiled riches but hey
They worked hard for it
Up at dawn and a 10 hour
6 day week
hey man
Stop being so bitter

A hundred thousand
Million ways for them to spend it
And where does it all go
Into the walls
The floors
Wardrobes and fixings
A diamond fucking shoe rack for all I know
It’s not my area of expertise

And the Polish builders grind
And crack and saw and bang
And bang
And god
What else
For months on end

With not a fucking word of hello
From the upper class pirates
Too busy guarding their booty

Though we’ve had glimpses here
And there now
And then
White bread
Plain as balls
Nothing to them at all

A hundred
Million ways to live their life…
Sometimes you just look at someone
And think
Man, at least smoke a fucking joint.