2 Oct 2015


After all, life hasn't much to offer except youth, and I suppose for older people,
the love of youth in others.  Fitzgerald.

These kids are fire and ice
As the rest of us fight and harden
Their friction creates light and power and
Keeps the whole damn ball of rock
The spaces between are not filled
Are hardly even considered by brains full of sex
Liquor and weed and coke and pills
And laughter and flight

There is no line
No pull
Gravity still a theory
No two days the same
It is a wonder and a joy
To behold

And I am still them
We all are in some way
Still there with them
At anarchy’s door
At the bottom of our hearts
Within our darkest dreams
Devilspeak dripping as honey in our ear

Remember that?
The scramble into sunlight
Every morning
Just to find out who you actually are

Picasso said youth has no age
I mean I like being older
But being grown up
If you let them
These squared off and uniform and
Repeated days will destroy what you once
What you still are

and to all those who ignore the
blood red whispers
you are welcome to your happiness
your picnics at the park and work lunches
defy the struggle and die in peace
fill the vacuum
dot I’s and cross T’s

The rest of us will have already jumped
Run through the hailstorm
Woken up on the wrong side of tomorrow
We are the devil children of fire and ice
We are fighters
We are light and power
Sex liquor and weed and coke and pills
And laughter and flight.