3 Nov 2015

Cherry brandy

The cycle remains
Unchanged to any real degree
I recall the image of 5 freaks
So called by the majority
Grouped at the base of
Dark and shadowed stairwells
Drinking from small green bottles of
Stolen cherry brandy
Caps cracked off on radiators
For lack of a bottle opener
Talking and laughing and happy
Included somehow in this small
Rejected crew of misfits
Though shunned by the populists
Blondes and footballers
The strong and the confident

I see these kids
Running in circles
Their minds just so
All feral
They are atom bombs
Unchecked and prime
Bouncing off one another
They reject and repel
Positive and positive
An occasional connection is made
The bond that holds
Sticks into the next year and the next
They are so in need of this feeling
Inclusion and importance and
Just to be
Part of something

The consolation
The coming reward that
I wish I could impart onto you
Is that
The artist it seems
Is often born
Of the shadows.