3 Jun 2016

There goes me, really really slowly…

Dan is a weak swimmer
Dan wants to live surrounded by the largest waves in the world

Dan is a liar
Dan wants to be loved by everyone

Dan has weak legs
Dan wants to get stronger

Dan has a bad memory
Dan keeps drinking red wine

Dan doesn’t want to copy Bukowski
Dan can’t help but write the way he does

Dan is scared of black people
Dan is scared of white people

Dan feels pity for the hundred year old Indian man who lives across the rd
Because he can see himself when he looks at him

Dan hates his name being written or spoken over and again

Dan loves too much too often
Dan feels too little too often

Dan wants to get paid for his poetry
Dan hates journalistic and professional writers

Dan idolises Gallo, and Dali and Billy Childish
Dan wants to meet Robert Anton Wilson

Dan gets on with women better than men
Dan needs to get more red wine

Dan is a potential murderer
Dan is full of ideas and hope for the world

Dan wants to just stay in bed a bit longer
Dan wants to turn over after the alarm clock cracks his head
And sink into blonde hair for 2 more beautiful hours of sleep

Dan is a scoundrel
Dan has confidence that things will be ok
Sooner or later.

(circa 2006)