1 Sep 2009

Close your eyes and pretend it didn’t happen.

Where have I been all these months?
Years even..?
I can see only a few feet ahead -

and now everyone tells me that
Since I’ve been away,
Mirrors no longer exist.
Souls have flown from bodies like birds
From a tree.

How many of them will I miss..?
Only a few.
You would need a bigger,
Stronger heart than
To care about so many others.
The smalls of their backs and soft arches
Of their feet.

My idling thoughts continue floating
Out of reach,
Out of sight.
While my hard clay flesh
Lays slumped on the ground,
Pushing up and falling in unison
With the concrete,
With the earth,
Dogs, dead bird skeletons.

Grey kindling dust is picked up on the wind.
I cover my face
To make sure it doesn’t get in my eyes,
With all the other mess.