5 Mar 2010

Forgotten films Pt1:

Not many people will have seen or maybe even remember this movie. It’s now 27 years old and I remember seeing it when I was around 14 and it being something that really blew my mind and actually with hindsight, made me ask a lot of the questions I still do today. It’s kind of hokey in places but the basic premise and way the film is handled is pretty amazing, and a few ropey effects aside it would still stand up today – at least story-wise.

I am genuinely surprised that in these days of lazy Hollywood remakes, no one has taken it onboard to fuck this up with a new version. I’d like to see it remastered maybe with some up to date CG replacing the 1980’s effects – but that aside it is a really good watch. One of Walken’s best of that era in my opinion, along with the Dead Zone. You can go find the trailer youself. What am I, your dad?