23 Mar 2010

Historical Kitten

So, about 6 years back I did a telephone interview with Kitten Natividad that I was trying to get into Bizarre magazine. Suffice to say they didn't use it but I just came across the interview itself and thought I may as wellpost it up here. There is a bit of 'blue' language - just in case I have any younger viewers...

Films like ‘Beyond the Valley of the Ultravixens’ and ‘Up!’ were like nothing else released at that time, with the extreme humour and cartoon-like dialogue. Were they received with some confusion? Oh no! People loved them baby, no one had EVER seen films dedicated to big titties like those before! They were freaked out but they loved them!

Do you don’t think there’s enough humour in adult films at these days? No way, it was all Russ, he was a genius! That’s why he's still here! That’s why I’M still here! Kicking butt! My fans are keeping it cult!
Kitten interview at MySpace.