23 Aug 2011

Everything spins into today.

Daydreams fight their way into me and I fight
I’m a wall
A tank
A stray dog unleashed
Protecting no one  
Only fighting to keep what is
The little sanity left
From the overspill of years gone by
When the rain fell like it
Today, and I sit alone staring out of windows
As the grey sky
Grey city
Grey heartbeats
Turn toward death and menace

And wishes try to slide under the carpet
Under the floorboards
Through my misted eyes in an attempt to make me
Succumb to the other reality
The non local, non event
A rise in adrenaline and car crash of mind
And soul
I am a prisoner with nothing to lose
No escape necessary
Simply drowning in idiocy and hatred
Pessimism and naive fantasy combining
Like knives in my back

And it all spins into today
Same as last year
Same as the last 20 years
In and out
Back to front and a hundred miles to heaven
The grey city envelopes me
Suffocates in some kind of childish game
The words fail as always
The faces blank, voices are background radiation
At best
And the only sense to be made from it 
Remains light years away.