12 Oct 2012

'Are you lost yet?'


Here's the setlist from Radiohead at the O2 on 9th October. I'm not going to review the show because honestly, it would take too long to find the right words. Suffice to say, now REM are gone, these guys are the closest thing we have to Wyld Stallyns. Bloody awful venue though...

Lotus Flower, Airbag, Bloom, The Daily Mail, Myxomatosis, Bodysnatchers, The Gloaming, Separator, Videotape, Nude, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, Reckoner, There There, The National Anthem, Feral, Paranoid Android.

Give Up the Ghost, I Might Be Wrong, Planet Telex, Morning Mr. Magpie, Street Spirit (Fade Out).

Staircase, Everything In Its Right Place, (True Love Waits intro) Idioteque.