18 Jan 2016

Six hundred

The rules governing ones
Own behaviour
And how they obstruct happiness…

The very definition of
Getting in your own way
It is better to be like water, I know

But most days I
Desire so badly to be the brick wall
I can taste the grit and plaster on my

And while mass stupidity is rife
In my immediate environment
-          A hamster wheel of idiots

One dropping out, only
To be replaced without delay
By another replica dummy

This is my every week, and
On the weekends snow no longer falls
While the countryside drowns

Meanwhile they build up this town like 
Soon to have underground engines added
Blasting the whole population skyward

All this
And the rising sea
And the great depression
And World War 3
And the death of the Sumatran tiger

And the only thing on my mind
Is whether or not eating 600 bananas a year
Is too many
I swear to god…