15 Feb 2016

Card shark

The night is lost
Though the world carries on oblivious
The daytime inches closer
And closer to the throne
With each sunrise
Washing the streets clean of any trace
Of prevailing darkness

The nights are lost
The sickness and thrill
The blackened rainbows
Of oil slicked roads
And bourbon tongue
Are lost
It is fruit juice not blood or teeth
That now fills the throat

I blame the children
So many ankle-biters running circles
Around sober adults once high
On the flame of the July sunset
Blind from the flash of the 8am washout
The beauty of ignorance and shame
And disgust in every mirror

Even the puddles reflecting back confusion
On the cursed walk home in the fading
Narcosis of summer raindrops

The nights are lost
And so with them
Goes the need to lie
To embrace and kill
To palm that last ace 
The very things you need
To just get through the days intact.